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Português, Portugal

Climate change and the energy problem

This important compendium deals with the primary world problems of global warming and the coming energy crisis. In alternating chapters, it lays out the nature of the two interrelated problems, and specifies the various economic considerations. Thus, it describes the coming shortfall of fossil fuel energy in detail and then presents the economic factors governing possible solutions.
Português, Portugal

Collaboration in a Hyperconnected World

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 17th IFIP WG 5.5 Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises, PRO-VE 2016, held in Porto, Portugal, in October 2016. The 57 revised papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 148 submissions. 
Português, Portugal

Manufacturing engineering and technology

Manufacturing Engineering and Technology, 7e, presents a mostly qualitative description of the science, technology, and practice of manufacturing. This includes detailed descriptions of manufacturing processes and the manufacturing enterprise that will help introduce students to important concepts.
Português, Portugal

2nd International Conference on Mechanics of Composites

Composites materials have aroused a great interest over the last few decades. Several applications of fibrous composites, functionally graded materials, laminated composites, nano- structured reinforcements, morphing structures, can be found in many engineering fields, such as aerospace, mechanical, naval and civil engineering. The necessity of lightweight structures, smart and adaptive systems, high-level strength, have led both the academic research and the manufacturing development to a recurring employment of these materials.
Português, Portugal

Eletricidade, magnetismo e circuitos

Livro de texto destinado a estudantes de Ciências e Engenharia. Introdução ao eletromagnetismo com ênfase nos circuitos e sistemas e sinais. 
O sistema de álgebra computacional Maxima é usado para visualizar campos e calcular transformadas de Laplace.
Português, Portugal

The SAGE handbook of housing studies

Cross-disciplinary and critical in its approach, The SAGE Handbook of Housing Studies is an elucidating look at the key issues within the field. It covers the study of housing retrospectively, but also analyses the future directions of research and theory, demonstrating how it can contribute to wider debates in the social sciences. 
A comprehensive introductory chapter is followed by four parts offering complete coverage of the area: 
Português, Portugal

Real world research : a resource for users of social research methods in applied settings

Real world research is a common responsibility of professionals and practitioners in a wide range of both public and private settings.  These include teachers, social workers and health service professionals, managers and specialists in business, architects, designers, criminologists and accountants among many others.
Português, Portugal

Scientific method in practice

As the gateway to scientific thinking, an understanding of the scientific method is essential for success and productivity in science. This book is the first synthesis of the practice and the philosophy of the scientific method. It will enable scientists to be better scientists by offering them a deeper understanding of the underpinnings of the scientific method, thereby leading to more productive research and experimentation. It will also give scientists a more accurate perspective on the rationality of the scientific approach and its role in society.

Português, Portugal

Multiobjective linear and integer programming

This book opens the door to multiobjective optimization for students in fields such as engineering, management, economics and applied mathematics. It offers a comprehensive introduction to multiobjective optimization, with a primary emphasis on multiobjective linear programming and multiobjective integer/mixed integer programming. A didactic book, it is mainly intended for undergraduate and graduate students, but can also be useful for researchers and practitioners.
Português, Portugal

Tratado elementar de química : (1789)

O «Tratado Elementar de Química» de Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier (1743-1794), publicado em Paris em 1789, é um dos grandes clássicos da Química. Escrito na nomenclatura proposta também por Lavoisier, em conjunto com Morveau, Berthollet e Fourcroy, é a primeira obra de química moderna, abandonando-se as inadequadas designações de raízes alquímicas e a desacreditada teoria do flogisto. 
No tratado, ilustrado pela mulher do autor, Marie-Anne-Pierrette Paulze Lavoisier, formula-se de forma clara a conservação da matérias e define-se elemento químico de forma operacional.
Português, Portugal


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